• How do I align my CMS 1500 insurance claim forms?

    From the Office module, select File and then User Preferences. On the next screen, there will be a section called Insurance Printers and Fonts, with an area for Move Print on Claim Form. The lines and spaces to move down and right are determined by character height and width. Typically, setting both Move Down and Move Right to 1 will work. You may also use decimal places for more accurate alignment. If you are unable to edit these fields, you may have to switch the insurance printer options to Use User Printer and Font.

  • What clearinghouses can receive electronic claims from E-Z Bis?

    E-Z Bis works with a variety of clearinghouses and can send in both ANSI X12 (837) format and Image format. The clearinghouses we most commonly submit electronic claims to are Change Healthcare (formerly known as Emdeon), Trizzetto (formerly known as GatewayEDI), Availity, Office Ally, InfinEDI and MD Online.

  • Is E-Z Bis compatible with Mac?

    E-Z Bis is compatible with Mac only if a Windows shell is installed. There is not a Mac only version of E-Z Bis.

  • My Payment Posting or Batch Posting report didn't print. How do I get it again?

    These two reports are only printed at the time of posting. You will have to print the Daily Charges and Receipts report from the Accounting tab of the Reports module instead.

  • My Claims Audit report didn't print before my electronic claims went out. How do I get it again?

    This report is only printed at the time of processing. You will have to print the Daily Insurance Tracking report from the Billing tab of the Reports module instead.

  • How do I find a list of patients with email addresses?

    Most custom reports can be created through the Survey Generator feature in the Reports module. In this case, you will fill in the Define Printout section of Survey Generator with the words "full.name email" (minus quotations) and then fill in the Requirement section with "email is @" (minus quotations). Select OK and print the list.

  • How do I export a report into a spreadsheet?

    Exporting data from the program to a spreadsheet can be done through Survey Generator, which is located in the Reports module. Once the Requirement parameters are defined, the option of Export: Selected must be chosen before the survey is run. Uncheck Printout Needed to save being prompted to Print or Preview the survey. After selecting OK, you will be prompted to Export the data. A file called EZMERGE.CSV will be created in the clinic folder of E-Z Bis. You can find the data path to this file by selecting About E-Z Bis from the Help option in any module.

  • What is the difference between Form Record/Claim Record and Open Item accounting methods?

    Before version 9.0, the original accounting method was called Form Record. In 9.0, it has been renamed to Claim Record. Both titles refer to the way payments are applied to a claim balance, rather than items. Open Item accounting applies payments to specific items within a claim balance and is meant to reflect how EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) divide up a payment between services.

  • What is the difference between 837 (ANSI X12) and Print Image claims?

    Most electronic claims clearinghouses accept claims in one of these formats, sometimes both. Print Image format sends an electronic claim in a structure that mirrors a CMS 1500 paper claim form. 837 (ANSI X12) format structures a claim in loops and segments, which are divided by asterisks, and looks vastly different from Print Image format. This is the more common of the two types.

  • What is the difference between Current Insurance and Reprint/Reprocess Insurance?

    Current Insurance should be used when processing services that have never been sent to an insurance company. This option looks for a field called Insurance Billed on an activity covered by insurance and submits activities that haven't had this field marked. Afterwards, it marks the field so that the activities aren't processed repeatedly as new services. Reprocess Insurance (called Reprint Insurance before version 8.0) should be used when resubmitting a claim to insurance again, usually one that has been corrected in some way. This option overlooks the Insurance Billed field and can be run repeatedly for a defined date of service. In version 8.0 and higher, it requires an existing claim record to be performed.

  • How do I align my labels to print correctly?

    From the Office module, select File and then Clinic Preferences. Select Letters and Labels. Under the Label Printing section, there are two fields for moving the print down and right by inch increments. You may use decimal places to set the alignment if needed.

  • How do I print my labels with 3 rows across?

    Older versions of E-Z Bis may still be set to print labels in a continuous format. To change this setting, select Clinic Preferences from the File menu in the Office module. Select Letters and Labels. Change the value next to the line under Label Printing that says, "Using Continuous labels or Single-sheet labels" from C to 3.